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My name is Ashley
I currently live in Japan!★彡
This is my first time living & being in a foreign country.
So far I love being here!
I created this blog to share photos of this lovely country, my thoughts, & whatever else I feel like posting. Be warned I am a big YG fan mainly BIGBANG! Enjoy!


Even on an escalator. [Video]

Don’t be fooled! You all don’t know how many times here in Japan I have rung my bell while riding my bike… and a elder looked back at me and continued to be on there way lol!!


Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat Baby don’t worry


Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat Baby don’t worry

Good GOD


Gtop…… Tabi’s smile is so beautiful and real Cr to owner


Gtop…… Tabi’s smile is so beautiful and real
Cr to owner


Wow it’s been a long time since I updated, but it really doesn’t matter seeing as I really don’t have many followers. Moving along! Everything I planned a while back…. just all of it fell through and didn’t happen. I have however done other things which I will post pictures of those little events or whatever on a later date, but not much new is going on just the same old! Masa and I have been together for about 5 months now & we’re still doing good. He tends to drive me nuts but I love the crazy man anyways. I am suppose to go see him today after he takes care of some personal things, but man i’m getting anxious because it feels as if he is taking forever! I hope everything is ok. Anyways look for pictures soon whoever decides to read this dead thing of a blog blah.

Here is my other blog that I will mainly write on…

decided to make this more of my re blogging blog since that’s really all I do on here these days..or simply liking things.






ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

No white girls?


Why? You do t think white girls should be told they’re beautiful?

The amount of white whine in the notes…it’s ridiculous.

Every time we ask for the inclusion of young girls and women of color in pieces similar to this, where everyone is white, we’re told

"If you want representation then make it yourself and shut up about this!"

“Let the artist make whatever they want and include whoever they want! Freedom of expression!”

"If you need to see someone who looks like you in order to feel included then you are the real racist."

Yet all I see in the notes are:

"If you want equality you have to include EVERYONE including white girls and guys!"

“it’s pathetic that the only way you can feel good about yourself is by excluding others.”

No doubt they feel some type of way with their own bodies but what is dedicating a piece such as this to women who fall no where near the Eurocentric standards of beauty taking away from white women when they have so much representations and campaigns centered around them.



what a great kid